DAV launching personal fitness event in May

Bobby Body

DAV will be commemorating Military Appreciation Month this May by launching the Victories for Veterans Challenge.

In this virtual fitness challenge, you can create your own victory for a veteran by committing to running, walking, riding, or rolling, all the miles you can to help veterans of all eras conquer their challenges; this “virtual” campaign allows you to participate wherever you are (outside, at the gym, anywhere!).

“We are thrilled to bring a new fitness platform online at DAV, to encourage our supporters to raise funds and awareness for our ill and injured heroes, as well as have a focus on their personal wellness and health,” said DAV National Adjutant and CEO Marc Burgess. “Our Victories for Veterans Challenge is a call for all who want to do something to give back to the brave men and women who served, to show their appreciation and honor during Military Appreciation Month in May.”

Registration will open soon at www.victoriesforveterans.com. At sign up, each participant gets access to a personal webpage where you can manually log your activity or sync your fitness device to track your fitness progress in real time, as well as set a fundraising goal as part of your challenge. Every step taken, every dollar raised, brings us one step closer to creating the next victory for a veteran.

Every year, DAV helps more than one million veterans of all generations, as they face and conquer their challenges — connecting them to the health care, education, and financial benefits they’ve earned as well as find employment though DAV job fairs. DAV helps veterans like Bobby Body, who overcame the loss of his leg to a roadside bomb in Iraq to become a champion powerlifter.

"My victory was finding the strength to be a champion,” said Body. “I don’t let my past determine who I’m supposed to be. I’m excited to participate in the Victory for Veterans Challenge. I look at it like this … I served my country and came home, and people helped me, so therefore I need to help other people.”

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