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During our 2020 Mid-Winter Conference, Commander Whitehead delivered a powerful message to Congress — DAV will continue fighting until ALL veterans get the benefits they have earned to live fulfilling lives. We need proud veterans like you standing by our side in order to carry this fight forward. When you become a member today, you will help strengthen our ranks and amplify our voice. Please join this critical fight by becoming a member now.


What does DAV membership allow?

DAV is an organization of veterans helping veterans. We receive no government funding and look out for our members 100% of the time because we have been in their shoes. We are proud of our 90+ year history of helping our country’s veterans, proud of our record of fighting for your rights and proud of working alongside so many other non-profits and advocacy organizations to make sure that we fulfill our promises to the men and women who have served.


1 Million Strong. Are you eligible?

Any man or woman:

Who served in the armed forces during a period of war or under conditions simulating war; AND

Was wounded, disabled to any degree or left with long-term illness as a result of military service; AND

Was discharged or retired from military service under honorable conditions.

become a life member for as little as $10 a month

Why join?

Membership is the lifeblood of DAV. Our community of over 1 million veterans stands together to ensure our nation keeps its promises to the men and women who served our country. At no time since DAV was formed by World War I veterans has the fight for the future of veterans care and benefits been more critical. Join with DAV so we can continue the fight to protect the health, disability and financial benefits that veterans have earned.

DAV membership includes access to a wide range of money-saving advantages for you and your family. These generous partners stand by our veterans through a variety of programs, products and services.


Give a Lifeline, Get a Lifeline

In addition to joining the fight to protect your earned benefits and receiving access to money-saving and life-enhancing advantages for you and your family, when you become a life member, you'll also get a physical lifeline – one that you’ll wear on your wrist as a symbol of patriotism and pride.*

* Those who receive a free membership are not eligible for promotional items.


DAV bracelet