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Thanks to dedicated members across the nation, the DAVA programs are far-reaching and the personal rewards fulfilling. Our members are diverse in their interests which is what has made the DAVA so successful. Our programs include Americanism, Community Service, Junior Activities, Legislative, and VA Voluntary Services. Foremost in our hearts is the goal of assuring benefit entitlement and compassion for our disabled veterans.

Age Life Amount
30 or younger $250
31 - 45 $230
46 - 60 $200
61 - 70 $180
71 - 79 $140
Over 80 FREE

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Family and extended family of any military veteran who was not dishonorably discharged.
  • Family and extended family of any person injured and still in active service in America's armed forces.
  • Family and extended family of DAV Auxiliary members.

*DAVA membership fees are not tax-deductable or refundable.

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